German Feast

Come hungry, because this festival serves up a German feast fit for a king. Enjoy scrumptious bratwurst, knockwurst, or kielbasa with lots of home-style sauerkraut piled on. Sauerkraut is just one of several side dish options. Other options include German Potato Salad (served warm), Bavarian potato dumplings, beer cheese soup, and colossal, mega-sized pretzels. Save room for desert because the fresh German apple strudel with warm vanilla sauce drizzled on top is a dream come true for taste buds! Yum!!!

Knockwurst, Bratwurst & Polish Sausage

Plump & Juicy Sausages

When it comes to German cuisine, a variety of scrumptious sausages ususally comes to mind. Most notably is the iconic Bratwurst, which is typically made of pork, veal and beef. In Germany, the recipe varies from region to region, with over 40 different varieties. Knockwurst is another popular German sausage. This thick sausage that originated in the northern region of Germany contains ground pork, veal, beef, and garlic. When cooked, it becomes very crisp, plump, and juicy. Another type of sausage served at Oktoberfest is a Polish Sausage, a.k.a. Kielbasa. Even though Kielbasa originated in Poland, its hearty flavor pairs well with an ice-cold German beer. A German butcher located in Los Angeles provides the sausages served at Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest. 

Homemade Sauerkraut – A Family Recipe

A great way to enjoy a mouthwatering bratwurst, knockwurst, or kielbasa
 is to pile on lots of homemade sauerkraut. The flavorful sauerkraut served at Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest is a family recipe that Oma Erika brought with her from her home country of Germany. This home-style sauerkraut was served at the very first Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest, and has been served at the annual celebration for 52 years and counting. 


German Potato Salad & Dumplings

Sauerkraut is just one of several side dish options. Two of the more popular choices are the German Potato Salad that is served warm or the acclaimed Bavarian Dumplings. These two sides also are made from recipes that has been passed down from generation to generation. Both of these traditional sides are choice favorites served at the original Oktoberfest in Bavaria. The potato salad unlike American potato salad is a vinegar-based dish that is traditionally served warm. The dumplings are usually served with a brown gravy.


Giant Pretzels

What signifies Oktoberfest better than a HUGE Colossal Pretzel?  These gigantic warm delights that are plastered in salt, and larger than the plate they’re served on. These pretzels are guaranteed to please any appetite. We also serve smaller versions that are great to snack on in-between Chicken Dances. It is suggested to eat pretzels with mustard or a cheese sauce. Our pretzels are delivered fresh every week from a German bakery in Costa Mesa. 


The Brat Burger

The Brat Burger is a meal in itself! We start with a 100% black angus, all-beef patty. Add swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Then comes an entire bratwurst topped off with pickles and grilled onions. The final touch – homemade German Dijon Mustard Aioli. All of this sandwiched between two fresh pretzels. The outcome…pure deliciousness!





Half-Roasted Chicken

Yes, we have a great half-roasted chicken that’s seasoned they same way you might find at a small country village in Germany. It’s roasted to perfection, and goes great with potato dumplings or warm potato salad. It pairs well with a good old-fashioned dunkel-style German beer.  





Fresh Apple Strudel with Warm Vanilla Sauce

If there was ever a time to save room for dessert, then this is it. The German Kitchen serves fresh German Apple Strudel with a warm vanilla sauce! It wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without it. The fresh Apple Strudel is delivered weekly from a German bakery in Costa Mesa!





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