Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest contests and games are designed to give revelers a chance to compete for prizes and bragging rights, which include stein holding matches, log sawing competitions, the safe slam beer drinking races (non-alcoholic), and the annual Queen Stein Carrying Contest. Children’s fun-and-games include the pretzel toss, kiddy mug-holding matches and Midway carnival-style games. The only thing that matters about Oktoberfest contests is people have tons of fun! These are the best type of competitions because they are intended for amusement and pleasure and not meant to be taken seriously.


Log Sawing

Log sawing competitions were part of Crown Prince Ludwig’s wedding celebration in 1810 that inspired the original Oktoberfest in Munich. The Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest continues the tradition with multiple log sawing contests each day to test the might and agility of its patrons. Log Sawing consists of two-person teams that use an old-fashioned large saw-tooth saw placed on a sawhorse, and the team that cuts the log in half the quickest wins. 


Stein Holding

Crowd favorites are stein holding events that take place several times a day. The object is to see who can hold a full stein with an outstretched arm, chest high without dropping their arm or spilling the stein’s contents. This a a true contest of grit, determination, and stamina. The Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest all-time record was set by Ernie Achoa in 1995. Ernie’s time was 18 minutes, 33.9 seconds. That record still stands today!


Safe Slam Chug

Here competitors line up like fish with their mouths wide open to see who can chug-a-lug a stein full of non-alcoholic beer. The first to finish a stein-full of non-alcoholic beer wins…hence the word safe.





Queen Stein Carrying Contest – It’s Back! 

Queen Stein Carrying Contest returns! This contest is unlike any other in the country and a downright crowd favorite! The winning Oktoberfest queen works hard for her title. The woman who carries the most one-liter beer steins wins the queen title. Past Big Bear Oktoberfest queens have lifted and carried an average of 80 pounds in full beer steins. Some queens have carried more weight in beer steins than their own body weight! 


Children’s Pretzel Toss

Families are a big part of Oktoberfest, and we make sure to have lots of fun activities. One of the kids’ favorites of course is the pretzel toss game. Here kids toss pseudo pretzels (not real pretzels) into an enormous over-sized plastic pretzel. The kids have a ball with this one! 






Kiddy Mug-Holding

Kiddy mug holding matches give kids a chance to show their parents that they can hold a mug filled with water for a really long time. It’s all in fun, and everyone has a good time trying to keep the mugs from during over. 

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