Wyatt’s Posse

cowboyWyatt’s Posse is a small group of valley and mountain residents, who occasionally gather at this simple saloon and kitchen to share thoughts on life, laugh, sometimes cry and reminisce, as much as folks did in these parts well over a hundred years ago.  And for those brave men and women who built this land before us, we celebrate their memory and cherish similar values of friendship, loyalty, courage, integrity and truth, as much as we value our own family and celebrate life itself.  If these feelings flow through your veins, then Wyatt’s Posse may be for you.  Then again, there are those who have joined for simpler reasons and found so much more…

In today’s world, right or wrong can often be camouflaged, releasing one from responsibility and leaving the greatest enemy of indifference exposed, but let one thing be perfectly clear, under this roof the simple things will never be camouflaged nor blurred.  The choice and responsibility are yours…

The Wyatt’s Posse was founded in 2004 and has since grown to more than 800 members.  As a member of the Wyatt’s Posse, you’ll receive your own Posse numbered 22 oz. beer stein that we will keep for you, a Wyatt’s I.D. card, an official Wyatt’s badge, and free entry into all of the Convention Center produced events.

If you’re interested in joining the Wyatt’s Posse, be sure to ask the bartender next time you sidle up to the bar.  And, Just so you know what you’re signing up for, the following is the oath that each of our Posse members have sworn to uphold:

I do solemnly swear, to the best of my ability, to celebrate life each and every day.
To do my best, to make each and every moment count.
To the extent that I am able, to help those in need.
To look after my neighbor and be loyal to my friends.
To always protect and defend my family, this great valley and those who are unable to protect themselves.


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