(Page last updated 07/08/2020)




TWO Family Meal Specials this week – Wyatt’s Fajitas (two options) and Wyatt’s Vegan “Beyond Meat” Bowl (both available as single servings for Dine-In customers):


Wyatt’s Vi Va La Fajita-Rita-Burrita Special


Nothing like sitting outside in the mountains in the summer enjoying an ice cold Margarita paired with a hearty serving of Fajitas!  Back by popular demand, Wyatt’s Fajitas offer your choice of traditional tri tip or chicken fajitas made with fresh herbs and seasonings served with homemade Pinto beans and Spanish rice.  Comes with corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo and a dab of sour cream.  Or, wrap up that Fajita meal into one big Fajita Burrita!  Special includes a pint-sized house margarita.    Enjoy a Very Berry Margarita made with fresh, seasonal berries or, for those who like it a little spicy, Jalapeño Margaritas for an additional $2.00!


Single serving – $15.99 includes Margarita



Vegan “Beyond Meet” bowl!

Enjoy a little Vegan protein with a “Beyond Meat” bowl layered with strips of grilled “Beyond Meat”, broccoli,  summer squash, and carrots on a bed of rice.  10.99



Wyatt’s Rice Bowls  

Eating healthy increases the immune system!  All rice bowls come with steamed broccoli, carrots, summer squash and garnished with green onions.

Choose From:     Choose Your Sauce:

Chicken               Sweet Garlic Chili

Tri Tip                  Homemade Teriyaki

Shrimp                Mango Habanero (HOT)



Tri Tip or Shrimp $10.99

Chicken or Veggie $ 7.99