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Festival Map


Here’s a festival map that will help you navigate our venue.  We’ve also included a downloadable pdf version with instructions to let you print a copy to carry with you.

First, here’s a view that includes the inside layout:


Next, here’s a page that provides a view of the outside grounds:


And lastly, let’s put it altogether into a brochure you can carry with you.


1)  First, download the pdf at the link below.

2)  Use Page Setup to select “Letter-size” paper, “Landscape” orientation and a scale of 65%.

3)  Set your printer to double-sided printing (if available) and “Short-Side Stapling (if available).

4)  Now print.

Downloadable Oktoberfest Map


If it’s easier for you (or the above is confusing), just download the pdf and adjust the settings for your printer to anything you’d like (single-sided printing, legal size paper, borderless printing, etc.).