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Dance Groups


This year we welcome back the Cripple Creek Cloggers, the GTEV D’Oberlander dancers, and, of course, everyone’s favorite the Big Bear Lake Polka Tots.


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The Big Bear Lake Polka Tots

Founded in 1973 by Yvonne Barrows (1972 Oktoberfest Queen), the Big Bear Lake Polka Tots are the official dance group of the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest. These “tots”, ranging in ages from 2 years to 12 years, have been entertaining audiences in Big Bear for more than 40 years. Fourth generation of Polka Tot families are now performing. While not professional dancers, these little polka fans but on a great show and are sure to delight Oktoberfest visitors. The Polka Tots performance dates are Weekends 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, & 8.


D'Oberlander Dancers

GTEV D’Oberlander Dancers

In the late 1950′s a group of German and German-American people longing to uphold such traditions and customs as language, music, dance, and costumes met and discussed their ideas of forming a Bavarian Trachten Schuhplattler Verein.They agreed to form such a group under the name “D’Oberlandler Schuhplattler Verein.”
Among the group’s many accomplishments and performances include Disneyland, Universal Studios, Rose Parade (Pasadena) , the 100th anniversary of the Bayerischen TRACHTLER IN Munich, AND ALT Roseheim’s 90 “t” anniversary serving as German -American Ambassadors of the United States presenting a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan commemorating 300 years of Germans in America.
D’Oberlanders not only perform schuhplattlers and volktanz. We include Alpenhorns, Cowbells, Hackbrett, Zither, and the Accordian as other forms of upholding German traditions and culture. D’Oberlander Dancers perform the weekend of September 24th and 25th.


Cripple Creek Cloggers


The Cripple Creek Cloggers are a clogging exhibition group dynamic throughout the greater Southern California area. The foot stomping, hand clapping dance they perform reflects the raw vigor of the Appalachian Mountains and the fresh excitement of our American Heritage. Performing since 1977, they have thrilled audiences of all ages and cultures with their shows which display a special blend of musical themes, including traditional bluegrass, country western, Irish and contemporary music. Reviews of their performances emphatically affirm that this group of adults and children are “full of vitality” and “express true joy in their ability to entertain an audience”. The liveliness and enthusiasm of the Cripple Creek Cloggers makes clogging as much fun to watch as it is to dance! The Cripple Creek Cloggers perform the weekend of October 1st & 2nd.